The Awakening

My body was a fibre; an elongated, pinkish thread, stretched out over time, all the way from my birth to the present. It grew out of the fibre above me. I looked up and saw two long lines of descent stretching up to different locations in an enormous garden-bed, comprised of fibres, each one being a human life stretched out over the duration of time and being interwoven with the lives around it. Each fibre grew out of the one preceding it in long, interconnected lines of descent. The resultant effect was that every body in the garden combined to form an enormous four-dimensional body resembling a tree.

I was taken on a journey in a ball of light from the top of my patriarchal line of descent all the way down to me. As the ball of light flowed through my forefather’s bodies, I saw snippets of their lives, which played out scriptural events, though I can’t remember which ones, particularly as I was completely unfamiliar with the Bible when this occurred.

Half-way down, the ball of light reached the fibre that was the body of Jesus Christ. When it did, a silhouetted image of the messiah—a man in a hooded cloak—grew outwards from it, catching on from one fibre to the next, until it enveloped the whole organism.

The fiber that was his body had sunken through the garden bed into a well of energy resembling electricity beneath the soil which flowed out from his body and through to the rest of the fibers (people) on the tree.

After passing through Jesus, the entire quality of the vision changed, becoming more modern. Whereas before Jesus, the world was coloured in shades of brown and red in small, desert-like settings, after him, the world that flitted by in the background of the lives I was seeing was grey and white, taking place on another continent in an increasingly urbanised environment. The ball of light through which I was seeing these things finally made it down to me, where it seemed to erupt in an explosion of scintillatingly divine consciousness as pleasurable as my wildest imagination could possible conceive pleasure to be.  

And then I was back, standing in my bungalow, looking out at the world with eyes that had been opened.

I’d been looking at shadows on a cave wall all my life. Now I saw the sun.

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