God’s Plan for Australia

The Church that God will build upon the Australian nation will bring you happiness, allow you to live your dreams, and is a road through Jesus to the LORD and eternal life. There are already many roads to the LORD, so what’s new about this Church? The answer is that God wants to help the Australian nation and its people create a path for themselves to the promised land. It is His will that His mercy should help to mend the cultural divide between black and white Australia by performing surgery on the Australian nation; making atonement for the original sin upon which it is founded; and creating a new landscape that will sure up Australia’s long-term water supply. In order to demonstrate that this is His will to people, the Chronology will naturally fall into an evolutionary progression of religions, so that it follows on from the developments of history; is directly accessible from any other point on the monotheistic family tree; and foreshadows the future development of religion as globalization ushers us towards one world religion and the coming of the Teacher. 

The living Christ is bonded to the plight of the Australian nation. All people, no matter their nationality, beliefs, age, gender, or sexual orientation, are equally welcome to attain salvation through the way God is providing for the peoples of Australia. The power that drives this forceand which all its adherents freely partake in stems from God, flows through Jesus, then into the Commonwealth, and into Australia, where the Church of Life is built. When this lineage is married to the future King of the Aborigines, the power that stems from God and goes through the dreaming ancestors will be adjoined to the branch that goes down through Jesus and into the Church of Life. When this occurs, the surgery on the mortal wound caused by the original sin upon which Australia is founded will be completed; Australia will forge its independence in a crucible of culture that sets off a global wave of social and cultural revolution; and Australia’s atonement for the original sin upon which it is founded will be made, thereby enabling it to independently steer its way to its destiny.

Australia is a broad country, and the road that God has given the Australian peoples to follow is, at its inception, similarly broad and easy to join. The river of life that carries the Holy Spirit from Eden, through Jesus Christ, and onward through the many tributaries and capillary vessels that bring salvation to followers of Christ of all kinds throughout the world, flows also through to the barren land. God is offering the Australian nation a house to call home, built in its own backyard, which has first-hand access to His almighty abundance and with which the Australian nation may be deconstructed and reconstructed without being shattered by the seismic shifts that inevitably accompany such an enterprise. But this process is in God’s will and is therefore already assured. This is one of the articles of faith offered by the Church God will build upon the great Australian rock; a holy rock like none other. 

God will put His steering wheel into the Australian people’s hand. The finish line is when the Australian nation to makes atonement for its original sin, the breach of Aboriginal sovereignty of the land, coming through the most spectacular miracle that God ever wrought….

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